Capital Tour

Take advantage of the opportunity to visit eight of central Europe’s most beautiful capitals – perhaps on just one cruise: Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Dublin, London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin. Give your passengers the great opportunity to explore this complex, multicultural arena of historic, artistic, scientific, industrial and commercial importance, dating back to the Roman Empire. These cities are among today‘s hottest travel destinations.

Lisbon | Portugal

… is Portugal’s political, cultural and economic heart. Of particular interest is the narrow streets in the old town where people meet in an eclectic and multicultural atmosphere.

Madrid | Spain

… has a rich cultural and artistic heritage and is well-known for being the most dynamic and lively city in Spain. With truly varied cultural offers, it is the right window to look through for getting to know about the history and different styles of the whole country.

Paris | France

… the city of love and fashion is one of Europe’s largest. Churches, squares, markets and museums, including the Louvre, the world’s largest museum with the famous ‘Mona Lisa’ portrait. And finish the day on the Eiffel Tower!

Dublin | Ireland

… Steeped in history and youthful energy, Dublin is a medieval city where the charming and cosmopolitan converge in delightful diversity. Fine museums and art galleries chronicle Dublin’s long and colourful past, while the pubs and cafes buzz with traditional and contemporary entertainment.

London | Great Britain

… the international city. Moreover, with Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the British monarchy. The diversity of cultural life is awesome: London is a paradise for museum, musical and art gallery lovers; a shopping magnet and a melting pot.

Amsterdam | The Netherlands

… for relaxation. This capital city is unique among Europe’s major cities – it’s comparatively small. Despite this, the city still offers all advantages of a metropolis: an abundance of historic sites; muse¬ums and a lively nightlife. All easy to take in a smaller scale – and a whole lot more than canals, coffee shops and the red light district.

Berlin | Germany

… the “Reichstag”, Germany’s seat of government, or the “Hackesche Höfe” courtyards: visitors will always find plenty to see wherever they go in Berlin. To mention just one example; photo galleries will take them to such world-famous locations as the magnificent “Checkpoint Charlie”, the former border crossing between the East and West Blocks.