Cruise Terminals Amsterdam

OCTOBER 01, 2013

Felison Cruise Terminal in IJmuiden and Passenger Terminal Amsterdam have recently joined forces with regard to marketing and PR activities. The two cruise terminals in the Amsterdam region saw a huge growth over the past few years. In 2010, a total of 101 cruise ships visited the region. For 2014, a total of 200 ships is expected, totalling approximately 400.000 passengers.

By cooperating on marketing, both terminals anticipate a growth in the touristic industry in the Amsterdam region. Amsterdam Marketing, the organization promoting the Amsterdam Region, will start with an online campaign, focused on the passengers, while Cruise Terminals Amsterdam will focus on the cruiselines and tour operators. Felison Cruise Terminal in IJmuiden is located before the locks, Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA) in the city center. Both terminals have good connections with Schiphol International Airport, PTA is walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station. Both terminals are centrally located for tours, and offer state of the art facilities, besides the space needed for logistics. Management of both terminals have agreed on joint promotional trips to visit the cruiselines, joint advertising and a logo representing the cooperation. Both René Kouwenberg and Frans Baud, the terminal directors, see advantages in future cooperation. The joint promotion underlines the good relationship between the terminals and is purely a marketingtool. Both terminals will keep their own legal identity and will not negotiate with suppliers and cruiselines on each others behalf.