Le Havre welcomes AIDAStella on her maiden voyage.

MARCH 25, 2013

Yesterday the brand new smile of AIDAStella illuminated the port of Le Havre on of her first call at the gateway to Paris. On this occasion a friendly ceremony was organized on board. Captain Nico Berg and his Officers welcomed some local representative for a plaque exchange. Agn├Ęs Firmin Le Bodo, President of the Cruise Club offered to Captain Berg an emblem symbolizing the architecture of the city, listed by the Unesco as a World Heritage. And in return the Captain offered to the local reps a beautiful lithograph of the Aida Stella by a German painter.
AIDA is the most frequent visitor at Le Havre with 39 calls planned in 2013 and AIDAStella will visit Le Havre 11 times in total. The other AIDA cruise ships coming to Le Havre in 2013 are AIDASol (14), AIDALuna (7), AIDACara (4), AIDAMar (2), AIDABella (1). The season started on March 21st with AIDALuna and will end on December 24th with AIDASol after a total of 124 calls scheduled this year. Le Havre has really become a year round cruise destination.