Le Havre Cruise Terminal – enhancement of the infrastructures

APRIL 13, 2017

The growth of the cruise activity at Pointe de Floride is supported by the necessary adaptation of the port infrastructure.
Concerned about the quality of its infrastructure and in order to respond to rapid market changes, the Port of Le Havre has started a maintenance program on the Pointe de Floride, a strategic link in the development of tourism in Le Havre.
This program integrates the modernization of the quays Pierre Callet and Roger Meunier. A schedule has been established in order to limit the impact on cruise calls. The budget of the works is € 8 million for the Pierre Callet quay (2017-2018) and € 1 million for the Roger Meunier quay (2019).
In order to better meet regulatory requirements related to safety, HAROPA - Port of Le Havre also carries out compliance work to increase the security of passenger reception. In order to allow the Tourist Office to more effectively manage access permits to these sensitive areas, infrastructures have been protected by fencing and secure access has been established. Access controls will apply on call days.
Renovations (painting) have been carried out on the four hangars of the Pointe de Floride (2, 3, 12 and 13), to make the site more pleasant: green hangars to starboard and red to port-side, as a nod to the sailors on call at Le Havre!
Budget allocated: 300 000 €
Terminal 12 serving the Pierre Callet quay had to offer passengers a service equivalent to that proposed in Terminal 1. Quality and improvement of reception cover several areas and services: creation of an exit sas in order to avoiding air flow, creation of a shop, toilets, setting up of free WIFI, delimitation of a baggage transfer area and creation of check-in counters, better insulation of the premises, creation of a control booth of the border police.
The cost of the operation, € 300,000, was borne by the CODAH.
A study on the optimization of the reception of passengers is currently being carried out by the City, the Conurbation, Chamber of Commerce and Port of Le Havre. It confirms the potential for development of cruise activities at Le Havre and is expected to build, by the end of 2017, a strategy on the reception of passengers in Le Havre