Le Havre, the bold, a renaissance which became a world heritage

MARCH 07, 2017

Destroyed by 80 % during the bombings of September 1944, its reconstruction, a national priority, was entrusted to the architect Auguste Perret, the master of the concrete material, to which he gives his letters of nobility. Between 1945 and 1964, the Perret workshop consisted of a hundred architects leading this project, a symbol of the renaissance of the country. They will thus create a landscaped complex of exceptional consistency where buildings express the multiple versions of the same architectural language. By its scale (150 ha) and its duration (20 years), this site is exceptional and unprecedented in France.
On July 15, 2005, the final consecration took place: Le Havre is recorded in the World Heritage of Humanity and entering the UNESCO Pantheon for its modern architecture by becoming the first European urban complex of the XXth century to receive this prestigious award! Eyes will never be the same; journalists even describe it as “Manhattan on sea”. To fully understand this architecture, visit the heritage house and the Show Apartment (lifestyle showcase and creators of the 50s), discover the City Hall and the Foch Avenue, the Champs Elysées havrais, in a convertible bus, the whole City, admire the church of St Joseph and its 12,768 colored glass, a masterpiece and a symbol eht the Perret architecture.
This modernity continues with Oscar Niemeyer, and the Volcano (theatre and library), Jean Nouvel and the Bath by the docks (aquatic centre).
Fly over Le Havre, World Heritage