Portland Port’s berth extension is well underway

DECEMBER 15, 2016

Portland Port have provided an update on the works to extend their main cruise berth; Outer Coaling Pier. The piling for the outer dolphin is complete with piling for the inner dolphin currently underway.

Ian McQuade, General Manager – Commercial, at Portland Port commented “It is exciting for us and the wider community to watch the works progressing. It is a feat of engineering with the average pile for this project, being 27 metres long. Each pile was delivered to the port individually, which required careful planning and traffic management to ensure it went as smoothly as possible. Once completed, we will be one of a small number of ports along the English Channel that can accommodate vessels with LOA’s of more than 340 metres.”

When the extension has been completed, it will boast a new suite of mooring bollards, high capacity pneumatic floating fenders and a minimum water depth of 9.6m CD. There are also plans to increase the minimum water depth to 10 metres.

As the cruise ships sailing the world continue getting larger, the new cruise berth and increased minimum water depth will allow Portland to accommodate some of the biggest cruise ships in operation.

Photograph taken by Ted Toop