Port of Lisbon grows more than 50% in June

JULY 13, 2016

In June 22 calls and 37,019 passengers were welcomed in Lisbon. Compared with the 2015, this represents an increase of 57% and 59% respectively. There is thus a growing number of calls and passenger and was the largest number of passengers ever registered in June, a month in which Lisbon is not so frequently called by cruise ships.

The growing importance of the Atlantic region in the European cruise market is one of the reasons for these results.
It is expected that similar situation occur in July and August, which will contribute to the growth of the season in Lisbon during the summer months.

Regarding to the first semester, the cruise activity at the Port of Lisbon registered 129 calls and 187,903 passengers, representing decreases of 4% and 3%, respectively, over the first half of 2015, a period in which they were recorded 135 calls and 193 871 passengers.

Note that during the first half were canceled 13 calls (15,500 passengers), for reasons external to the Port of Lisbon, which prevented growth over the same period in 2015.

Despite the cancellations, most of turnaround operations, this segment recorded a growth of 15% in terms of calls and 9% in terms of passengers, having accounted for 38 calls and 19,221 passengers against the 33 calls and 17,625 passengers reached in 2015.
The first half of the year was also marked by eight cruise ships that visited the port of Lisbon for the first time, in a total of 17 planned for 2016, of which AIDaprima, Viking Sea and Koningsdam on their maiden voyage.

For the second half of the year, one which has the highest concentration of activity, justified by its seasonality, although increasingly blurred, the port of Lisbon expects to welcome around 190 calls and 338,000 passengers.

The growth forecast in the cruise activity at the Port of Lisbon in 2016 is of 5% in calls, and 3% in passengers, foreseeing 320 calls and 525 thousand passengers in total.