Opening of the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux

JULY 06, 2016

La Cité du Vin opened in Bordeaux on June 1st. It is a unique cultural facility dedicated to the universal, living heritage of wine. It offers a spectacular journey around the world, throughout the ages, across countless cultures and civilisations.
La Cité du Vin is the only cultural center in the world offering this approach to wine to a wide audience.

A place to see
The architecture is a journey in itself which leaves no visitor
• A 13,350 m² space split over 10 levels, from toroid to tower
• The curve of the exterior is also reflected in the interior
volumes, spaces and materials
• A feeling of movement and uninterrupted flow from the
inside to the outside of the building
• The wooden arch of the structure is reminiscent of the frame
of a boat and resembles a huge nave
• A tower 55 metres high
• Controlled environmental impact

A place to visit
The immersive, sensory and interactive permanent tour:
• 3,000 m² containing 19 thematic modules
A tour available in eight languages
• Over 10 hours of visit content through more than 120
audiovisual productions
• Nearly 100 experts and specialists interviewed to create content
• A visit lasting around two hours
• The individual hand-held guide: a truly innovative tool enabling
personal discovery of the permanent tour
Temporary exhibitions: the hall of columns, nearly 700 m² in
size, is designed to host two cultural exhibitions per year and an
exhibition by a ‘guest wine region’ every summer. It will display
works of art from the greatest museums across the globe.
The 35-metre-high belvedere offers a unique way to taste the
wines of the world with a panoramic view of Bordeaux

A place to experience
Rich and varied cultural programming:
• a 250-seater auditorium for performances and concerts,
screenings, conferences and debates.
• Three tasting areas including an immersive multi-sensory
space, and educational workshops for young audiences.
• A reading room accessible free of charge, offering a very wide
range of materials of all kinds related to the world of wine.
• The 250m² boutique concept store is a modern, stylish space
open to all, offering a selection of objects, books, limited
edition items, gifts and souvenirs related to the world of
wine to treat yourself or someone else.
• Three different food areas: the panoramic restaurant on the
seventh floor and Latitude20.
• The Wine Routes
information area on the ground floor to
find out about and book a visit to vineyards in Bordeaux or
• Freely accessible gardens, a planted area creating a link
between La Cité du Vin, the Garonne and the vine’s wild origins.
• A 90-metre pontoon secured to the banks of the Garonne
allows pleasure boats to tie up closer to La Cité du Vin, as
well as the creation of water shuttles to enable visitors to
travel to vineyards along the river.