APRIL 13, 2015

The Port and the city of Vigo have welcomed with open arms the maiden call of Britannia, the newly built flagship of P&O, one month after being officially named by Queen Elisabeth II at Southampton.

The Port Authority has prepared a special reception for the occasion celebrating the bonds between Vigo and the United Kingdom, including relating decorations in the pier, an open air camellia exhibition, local folk bagpipes music or the installation of a British flag in the Cable Gardens, the beautiful leisure area next to the Cruise Terminal built to recall the Port of Vigo’s historical link with the British Eastern Telegraph Company, Ltd, back in the XIX century, when Vigo became a connecting point of the submarine telegraph cable that put together for the first time the five continents.

Being P&O fleet a traditional guest of the port, the people of Vigo could not miss the opportunity to meet the new member of the family and once more have attended the quay en masse to honor their guest since the very first moment her beautifully colored bow showed behind the Cíes Islands.

Accustomed to significant ships and calls, the Cruise Terminal successfully assisted the more than 5,000 passengers and crew members efficiently providing them with all the services demanded. Besides, the fact of being located right in the centre of the city, allowed them to walk down the old town and the main shopping areas and get in touch with a lively city that always give cruises a warm welcome.

The Port Authority has a determined commitment with keeping Vigo as the reliable, secure port of call that already is, but also with promoting it as a destination on its own, by collaborating with local and regional tourism institutions to elaborate coordinated strategies devoted to increase and reinforce the current shorex options and to give answer to the new challenges of the cruise industry, such as independent travelers, or new tourism trends.

This has been the first one of the six P&O Britannia calls foreseen for 2015, a year that again will make the Port of Vigo the leader in terms of cruise visitors of the whole Spanish North, surpassing the 200,000 passengers.