Rotterdam. Renovating and expanding the Cruise Terminal … an update

FEBRUARY 22, 2015

Cruise Terminal Rotterdam, one of the Netherlands’ national monuments, is to see some impressive changes over the coming time. Most of the interior will ready by late February 2015, the exterior will be tackled soon after that. To be prepared for the expected rising number of luxury cruise ships that are scheduled to visit in the next few years!

Inside the entire building new floors have been cast, every area has been painted, new ceiling elements have been added to the entrance hall, the staircase has been modernised, the Cruise Port Rotterdam offices are ready. Same goes for the suitcase space outside the quay and even the ‘say goodbye’ terrace near Café Rotterdam – which opened up on 16 January - is done. 700 m2 of luggage handling space will come into existence, with a flexible option of adding yet another 375 m2. The arched windows, which are currently being renovated, are expected to be delivered in mid-April.

The new boarding bridge was already completed in September 2014. And as of 2 February the municipality will start replacing the quay’s paving. The festive reopening is scheduled to take place in May 2015.

During the first months of 2015 the city of Rotterdam will be welcoming Aïdamar (Aïda Cruises), ms Rotterdam returning to Rotterdam after a cruise to Asia and Indonesia. Ms Braemar (Fred Olsen) and Splendida (MSC). One week after Splendida the Royal Princess (Princess Cruises) will return to Rotterdam.