JANUARY 23, 2015

After the successful experience of the first edition in 2013, the Port of Vigo has hosted a new conference on Cruise Traffic Industry. Under the headline “Cruises: Destination”, The Port Authority of Vigo, in collaboration with the Tourism Board “RíasBaixas” have organized this meeting to share with the port community and all the agents involved in cruise traffic, the different perspectives, insights and approaches behind the concept of a Port as destination.

This training conference has been conducted by Cruises News Media Group, a Spanish media consultancy firm specialized in Cruise Traffic very well-known in the sector for the management of the annual Madrid International Cruise Summit. Highly qualified speakers have shared with the audience their views on the weight of the concept “destination” regarding the selection of a Port by a Shipping Company and the ways to choose the right strategy to develop and take advantage of differentiation, professionalism and competence.

Experts in Cruise Consultancy and Destination Development like Sebastián Camps and Nani Arenas, CEO, Félix González, or Ramón Huidobro, from D.O. Rías Baixas Winneries, representing destination leisure industry, joined Virginia López, Cruises News Manager, in a conference that lived up to the participants expectations. The high attendance of this event proved the interest that cruise industry awakes in Vigo and the absolute commitment of the Port Authority with training as an essential path to growth and improvement.