VIGO Cable History Commemorative Gardens and OASIS Countdown

SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

The Port of Vigo has opened a new leisure garden area next to the main Cruise Terminal to pay tribute to the strategic importance of Vigo on the Cable history. Back in the nineteenth century and for 100 years British Eastern Telegraph Company Ltd and German Deutsch Atlantische Telegraphengesellschaft established the Port of Vigo as a connecting point of the submarine telegraph cable which served as a link between the five continents. Both companies, popularly known in Vigo as The English Cable and the German Cable had a huge impact on the Vigo society of the time and from now on their legacy will be celebrated with a beautiful garden promenade and a commemorative site, all of them located on the very same space where the old cable silos where once.

This festive act, carried out during Holland America Line's MS Rotterdam visit to Vigo, leaves also the new area available for next Saturday double cruise call. Only three days left for Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas first call in Vigo in a long-awaited double call with Celebrity Infinity that will bring to the port and the city almost 12,000 cruise visitors.