Rotterdam Cruise Terminal Renovation

SEPTEMBER 09, 2014

Rotterdam Cruise Terminal Renovation will be ready by year-end.

The renovation – or rather the makeover and expansion – of the historic Cruise Terminal Rotterdam (since 1947) is in full swing, and yet nobody knows. “And that’s exactly the point,” Cees Scherpenisse (senior terminal manager) and Cleo Hupkes (architect/project manager) comment.

The state monument known as the Rotterdam Cruise Terminal is about to welcome an indoor luggage space, a new boarding bridge and state-of-the-art wave goodbye terrace. Project manager Cleo Hupkes (Port of Rotterdam) reveals this is a joint project of the Port and the Municipality of Rotterdam. “Our goal to have everything up-to-date for the upcoming decade. And I mean everything including terminal, quay, logistics and also we want to be ready to welcome even more passenger ships in the future.”

Cees Scherpenisse proudly explains: “We will have a truly magnificent quay. And the great thing is that we get to stay open during renovation. In fact, passengers have no idea what is going on. If there are no cruise ships at the quay, work at the terminal will be performed day and night, for example to have the new boarding bridge ready on time. By the time Oasis of the Seas visits on 30 September, we will have made some wonderful progress. But we will only be truly ready towards the end of this year.”