MAY 23, 2014

On the occasion of the National Maritime Day, celebrated on May 22 in the United States by U.S. Propeller Clubs, the Propeller Club of Havre, in partnership with maritime associations, inaugurated a new annual event the "Le Havre Maritime Day " . This local Maritime Day aims to push Le Havre forward as an international Maritime Metropolis by highlighting the world and the experience of the Seafarers.
Captain Hubert Ardillon, President of the French Association of Ship Captains and Captain Etienne GARCIA – Captain of the Boréal when switching Northwest summer 2013 - enthusiastically agreed to support the first "Le Havre Maritime Day".
This first edition, took place on the occasion of the double call of AIDAstella and Ruby Princess.
The President of the Propeller Club of Le Havre, Valerie Conan, was pleased that launching the Maritime Day symbolically takes place at Havre Cruise Terminal, "which hosts nearly 250,000 passengers and 100,000 crew members this year. An evolution we dreamed 10 years ago, that has now become reality. And this is dear to my heart to emphasize the dynamism of the Le Havre Sailors Association, who recently celebrated the reception of the 10 000th cruise ship sailor at the Seamen's Club. "
The program of the day included speech from Captain Ardillon during the luncheon at the Cruise Terminal. In the afternoon, Captain Garcia gave a lecture on the ice navigation in the Maritime Academy and the day ended with friendly drinks at the Seafarer’s Club with the Maritime Associations.
In 2015 the Le Havre Maritime Day, 2nd edition, will take the form of a symposium in the new Maritime Academy, on the theme "What place for Merchant Sailors in the maritime city of the XXI century?"