More Dutch tourists to embrace cruise holidays

APRIL 22, 2014

Despite less cheerful economic conditions, last year the Dutch cruise holiday market continued to thrive. A total of 114,000 Dutch citizens decided to go on a cruise holiday, which is a 4% rise compared to 2012. Such was recently confirmed by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).
About 68% of all Dutch cruise passengers preferred cruising in Europe, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea being the most popular destinations by far. “Far-away destinations like Asia, Australia and South America are also becoming quite interesting,” according to Nico Bleichrodt, chairman of the trade organisation CLIA (previously known as the Dutch Cruise Council).
CLIA is expecting no fewer than 160,000 Dutch cruise passengers in the year to come. “Given the promising economic future, the cruise market should continue to prosper next year,” the chairman comments. Due to unrelenting growth, increasingly more shipping companies have started to focus on the Dutch market. Every year, about 30 cruise ships sail into the port of Rotterdam. And as of 2016, this number will double.