From Nantes: Guérande Salt, a Tradition with Taste

JANUARY 15, 2014

Take the time to discover the world of Guérande salt. Discover its history, how it is produced and how it is used. Visit the salt marshes with “Terre de Sel”. Treat yourself to a sweet or savory break with authentic products made with Guérande salt.
Exploring the salt marshes is all about getting closer to nature and meeting people. It gives everyone an opportunity to get an overview of a living and working environment. Terre de Sel is there to raise awareness of the need to protect nature, using a sensory, scientific and human approach.
All the exploratory tours end with a visit to the exhibition centre which provides information about the work done by the salt workers and the ecological riches to be found in the salt marshes through the seasons. All the salt marsh tours are on foot and are led by salt marsh specialists: salt workers and naturalist guides. Guérande Salt has its own special origin and "terroir" and comes in several forms: coarse salt, fine salt, flower of salt and aromatic salts. It is well known to the general public and to professionals.
15 minutes from our terminal in Montoir or 1 hour from the pier in the heart of Nantes, your guests will reach a real world of tradition and French "Art-de-Vivre" – Welcome in Nantes – St Nazaire!

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